Bright Blue Marble

Who I am ...

I am me and you are you. I am who I am, where I am, when I am being me.

You, on the other hand, are you where you are when you are being you.


What I do ...

I do this and I do that.

I DON'T do some things that I sometimes would do, and I DO do some things that I sometimes wouldn't do.

Don't you?


one place 

Windowed glass, streets, noise;

A calm, private space in back ...

In between, people.


Sunlight collecting ...

An open area waits,

Yearning to be used. 


Passersby traverse

Between homes, on shortcut paths

Made by Rube Goldberg.



If there's one thing I honestly hate,

'tis the result of an ontologist's fate

That has machines so abundant, It seems somehow redundant

To have to reprogram my mate!


Ode to the Automobile

Ode to the automobile,

Noxious and fast.

Insatiable fossil-thirst

Takes more than fanciful mobility provides. Protection Status